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Bellingham Roofing Installation Project: What to know

The roof installation process starts with a project bid estimate from one or more Bellingham roofing contractors. The purpose of requesting an estimate is to get the total projected cost for the project. This is before agreeing to hire a roofing company. Reliable roofing contractors will provide as accurate an estimate as possible. They will work very hard to stay within the budget discussed. Then the installation begins.

At Skyline Roofing, we take pride in offering estimates that our customers can feel good about. This is because they will walk into the project fully aware of any specific repairs and materials that will be needed. In order to complete their roof installation. We are also happy to answer any questions about the project bid estimates we provide.

Ways to Spot the BEST Bellingham Roofing Installation Project Estimates…

It is important to understand what details to pay attention to in any roof bid estimate that your contractor has prepared for you.

To start off with, did the estimator physically inspect your roof? Many companies rely on roof estimating software that uses high-definition aerial images to prepare takeoff quantities for the bid estimate. This software measures the roof and generates a report for the bid estimator.  This includes areas of the roof and quantities of replacement materials needed. This way of preparing a bid estimate is easy and the estimator does not even need to get on your roof. But what is missed when preparing a bid this way is the physical inspection of your roof to look for damage. This will allow the estimate to include the need in repairs. Including materials like plywood that has been compromised by rain will need to be replaced.

If your estimator did not do a physical inspection of your roof, then it is likely repair items will be missing from your bid and will be added later as a costly change order.

Spotting the Best Bellingham Roofing Options Isn’t Rocket Science!

The next thing to pay attention to is the type of roofing material that is being specified in your bid. There are many types of asphalt shingles to choose from. The cost of a product warranty can vary depending on two factors: the length of the warranty and the quality of the manufacturing. The longer the warranty period, the higher the cost of the warranty. Additionally, if the product is of higher quality, the cost of the warranty will also be higher.

Check the reviews for the roof material that is specified in your bid to see if it lasts as long as it claims to. The type of shingle used is important but so is the underlayment quality that is placed between the shingle and plywood. This material is called felt and comes in different weights: 25-pound felt and 35-pound felt. Thirty-five pound felt costs a little more but does a better job at protecting the plywood from the elements once the shingles begin to fail. In our rainy climate, the quality of the felt is something to think about.

Lastly, the type of material that gets placed in your roof valleys determines how long those areas will last before rain starts to leak below them. It is best practice to use metal and not asphalt in your roof valleys. Look for the type of material that will be placed in your roof valleys on the project bid to ensure that it is metal.

Why physical inspection of roofs is important

At Skyline Roofing, we do a physical inspection of every roof we prepare a bid for. We identify the roof repairs and make an effort to determine if there is plywood that needs to be replaced. Were transparent about it. We strive to not have expensive surprise change orders that can greatly increase the cost of your project. To sum it up, two bid estimates are not necessarily equal. Ask your estimator if they physically inspected your roof and identified any problem areas. Check the quality of materials that your bid includes. It’s possible that one bid is higher than another because the materials are of higher quality. Be sure to know if the bid includes repairs and plywood replacement. 

It’s always better to know upfront what a project will cost rather than deal with unfortunate surprises down the road. We hope this information gives you some insights into the process. We also hope it shows what you should look for in your roof installation project bid estimate.

Trust Skyline Roofing & Construction for your roof maintenance & Installation needs

At Skyline Roofing & Construction our roofing professionals always strive to add value to your home or business for the long term –that includes installing quality roofing and maintaining your roofing investment. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation for a new roof or roof cleaning services. Skyline Roofing is located in Bellingham, WA and we presently serve Whatcom, Skagit, and Island Counties.

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